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Since 2003, has specialized in smart structures of all sizes. Our Builders enjoy assisting you in designing the perfect Playhouse, Doghouse, Pool House, Garden/Storage Shed to fit your needs and budget.In fact, part of the fun is using your imagination to design the perfect Backyard Adventure. Don’t worry, for those in a rush that need that special last minute gift, we have standard models and normally can have yours built and installed in two days.

The Manor
Cedar Playhouse
All Cedar Playhouse

Some Parents and Grandparents want Playhouses that look like real houses. Sometimes our customers want to match paint colors and shingles with their Home. Some want special Disney paint colors to animate the Backyard Adventure. And, some want their Playhouses to be complete with fully functional aluminum windows, electricity, A/C units, finished floors, carpet, paint, trim, sheetrock walls, etc.

Our Builders also construct all Cedar Playhouses. All cedar Playhouses are constructed with a treated wood frame and base, and then coated with weather seal to keep the natural beauty of the wood. This provides maximum resistance to the outside elements. No priming or painting is necessary for additional protection, so once assembled, it’s ready for play. On some of the models, the window openings have no Plexiglas, but it hurts nothing if some rain gets inside. Real, functional windows can be added for an extra charge, but rest assured that just having the windows open, with no glass, will not harm the Playhouse. Also, the floor is made of treated planks which allow the water to flow through, drain out and dry quickly. The high roof design assists with dispelling heat, so the Kids can still enjoy their Playhouse on those hot summer days.

Playhouses can also be built in a manner not only to entertain the Kids but also include an optional full size side entry door to accommodate storage needs. This is very practical as when the Kids outgrow their Playhouse, the structure can be used as an attractive garden/tool shed, pool house or overnight accommodations for guest. Playhouses can also be designed for easy assembly and disassembly so you can take it with you should you move.

Due to the bad economy many families are foregoing their regular spring/summer vacations and investing in Backyard Adventures. For less money than many families would spend for a short summer vacation your Kids can enjoy their own Playhouse year after year. Additionally, these beautiful little structures will enhance the resale value of your home.

Also, check out the all Cedar Doghouses for $250.

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